Rolling Thunder Illinois Chapter 2

SBMH Workshop – Crystal Lake


Nov 18 2023


8:30 am - 4:00 pm


Community Center
5650 NW Hwy. Crystal Lake, IL. 60014
Please see the below message from Chappy, the RT IL-1 Chaplain regarding the upcoming workshop. Brochures are attached. Last night, the Board approved sponsoring five Veterans at a NTE of $250.
If any of our members are interested in attending, please advise.  The Chapter will consider covering the cost.
Proud to serve,
8:30am to 4:30pm
  Community Center
  5650 NW Hwy.
  Crystal Lake, IL.  60014

Hello All.  General James Mukoyama and I are holding a Stand-by-me Heroes Workshop at Crystal Lake. Our workshops are focused on reducing the suicide rate ranging from 22-40+ per day. This one day workshop and framework is focused on Suicide Prevention and Solutions. We all seek to reduce this dark number to those quietly suffering and seeking for someone to ‘Stand-by-me.’

I request RTIL2 consider sponsoring each Veteran for $50 to cover overhead. However, we will turn no one away. 
We ar certainly seeking civilians and families to attend and learn as well. I added two brochures one for Crystal Lake and the other for Hanover Park if you know of someone in this area.
Thank you.
We are BLessed!
Chappy Ferrer, MBA, PMP, FSC1
Executive Director & Operations
Mob (224) 434 – 9207archive
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