Rolling Thunder Illinois Chapter 2

Cabin Fever – Woodstock Harley Davidson


Feb 25 2023


9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Woodstock Harley Davidson
2235 S Eastwood Dr, Woodstock, IL 60098, USA


Event date confirmed for 2/25/2023.

Details on WDHD event calendar posted.


0900:   Meet at WSHD and set up table, flags, electronics for our booth.
1100:   Staff booth, meet and greet visitors.
1600:   End of mission. Pack-up booth


Annually, WSHD holds a Cabin Fever Day where many vendors and clubs put on their displays. The dealer provides lunch and a band. It is our opportunity to:

1). Educate people on the POW/MIA issue;
2). Tell people who we are and what we do;
3). Hand out our brochure;
4). Invite people to ride with us on Mid-America Ride and Thunder Run.
5). Sell raffle tickets;
6). Accept membership applications.


1. Meet at Woodstock HD at 0900 to move flags, stands, banners from upstairs to our booth.
2. We staff the booth with at least two people all day. Members are asked to show up and help hand out brochures, sell raffle tickets, and answer questions for as long as they can.
3. Uniform is black on black or RT Honor Guard uniform if you have one.
4. Wear your Rolling Thunder Vest and hat.

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