Rolling Thunder Illinois Chapter 2

64th – Algonquin Founders’ Days Parade / Chapter Cookout – 2024


Jul 27 2024


All Day


Wayne & Mary's Home
105 Cherokee Road, Algonquin, IL
I am excited to finally announce an event that isn’t a short notice mission or one starting at o – dark thirty, or in the cold and rain.
This is the 64th Annual Algonquin Founders Days Parade followed by our Chapter family cookout.  We have been invited to attend this for the past 14 years and in fact, have won trophies / awards for our participation, which we declined. We’re just glad to be invited.
This event is just like the past few years….stage, parade, Chapter cookout…  Details are in the attached OPORD.
What I need to know now is how many folks are coming so we can arrange food and drinks.
Please respond before 17 July if you can attend or not and, if so how many guests will you be bringing.
Thanx and….
Proud to serve,
Wayne Kirkpatrick
US Army, retired
Board Chairman
Chapter 2 Illinois
Rolling Thunder®, Inc

Basic Sequence of Events

Sequence of Events

0900     Flag Up -105 Cherokee Rd, Algonquin (Enclosure One)

0945     Depart for Staging area (Enclosure Two)

1100     Parade (Enclosure Three)

1140     Return to 105 Cherokee Road, (Enclosure Four)

1200     De-Flag at 105 Cherokee Road

1200 – ???  Annual Chapter cookout, (Enclosure Five)


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