Rolling Thunder Illinois Chapter 2

POW/MIA Chair of Honor Program

The Rolling Thunder POW/MIA Chair of Honor Program is intended to support our main mission  by bringing daily reminders of the POW/MIA issue to cities and towns, big and small, across the nation. 

The Chair of Honor is to remain perpetually empty to help people remember that even though our soldiers are not here, there is still a space for them. 

Your help in this mission is valuable!

Zuckerman Funeral 2022
Display Guidelines
There are only a few guidelines for displaying the Chair of Honor.  Use your own creativity within your space to make this a unique and special tribute.   Each space has its own individual appeal.
  • Seat must be cordoned off to prevent use.
  • Fixed seats must be accompanied by a memorial plaque
  • Memorial plaques can be placed either in front of or behind the chair, but should be placed on the side with the most traffic as the site warrants.
  • If flags are included as part of the    display, as you are reading the memorial plaque or memorial text on the chair seat, the American Flag shall be to the viewer’s right.
  • Every RT POW/MIA Chair of Honor shall receive a dedication ceremony to occur on or before its first public appearance.
Honor Chair
Honor Chair
Public Space Options
  • Sports Stadiums and Fields; Professional and Youth!
  • Collegiate/University
  • Athletic Venues
  • Local School Athletic Venues
  • Civic Gathering Places
  • Town and City Halls
  • Local Businesses
  • Restaurants
  • and more.

The Chair & Ceremony are complimentary for any group who would like to participate in this program!

Contact us and we will arrange to have the Chair of Honor brought to your site and ceremoniously dedicated along with your group!


Thank you for caring and honoring the men and women who gave their all!

Zuckerman Funeral 2022
Rolling Thunder IL Chapter 2 Honor Chair
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